Top 4 Best Rear Entry Snowboard Bindings to Get in 2023 (2023)

Rear entry bindings are an easy-to-use option that is popular with beginner and intermediate riders. The benefit of this binding style is that you don’t have to mess around with straps and will be ready to ride faster.

I’ve been teaching people how to snowboard for the last ten years and love my winter job as a snowboarding instructor. I have used several rear entry bindings and know what to look for in the best options.

The Flow Nexus is my current favorite rear entry binding for the year. They have a solid construction and design that will help you ride strong all over the mountain.

I’ll show a few different options in this post so you can choose a rear entry binding that works best for your preferences or style of riding.

Let’s get after it.


  • Who Should Get This
  • To Rear Entry Snowboard Bindings
    • 1. Best Overall: Flow Nexus
    • 2. Best All-Mountain: Flow Fenix
    • 3. Best Women’s Option: Flow Omni Fusion
    • 4. Best Freeride: Flow NX2-GT Hybrid
  • How to Choose Rear Entry Snowboard Bindings
  • FAQs
    • Are rear entry snowboard bindings good?
    • How do you use rear entry snowboard bindings?
    • Are all Flow bindings rear entry?
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Who Should Get This

Rear entry snowboard bindings are not the most popular style out there, but they are much easier to use than traditional models.

If you’ve ever struggled with your bindings while trying to strap in on a cold day, you know they can sometimes fight you more than helping you.

Rear entry bindings are designed to allow you to step in and out with relative ease. Traditional bindings have two straps that you need to secure on each foot before you begin to ride.

Rear entry simplifies things by utilizing a one-piece design to secure your boot to your board effectively. That makes the strap-in process considerably easier.

To Rear Entry Snowboard Bindings

If you want to get a good set of rear entry snowboard bindings, look at any of the options below.

1. Best Overall: Flow Nexus

Top 4 Best Rear Entry Snowboard Bindings to Get in 2023 (1)Top 4 Best Rear Entry Snowboard Bindings to Get in 2023 (2)

  • Best for: Overall
  • Key features: Axis baseplate, versatile performance, high-quality construction, Fusion powerstraps
  • Flex: Medium
  • Style: Rear entry
  • Cost: $$

The Flow Nexus is my current choice for the top rear entry snowboard binding. This is a solid binding all around and is versatile enough for many different ability levels and riding styles.

You’ll get excellent power transfer and response thanks to an AXIS series baseplate that mixes a nylon baseplate with an asymmetrical design for added balance.

Fusion PowerStraps and a locking slap ratchet keep your feet in place at all times when you are cruising anywhere on the mountain.

(Video) The Top 5 Freeride Snowboard Bindings For 2022-2023

These can be a little difficult to get into if you have huge feet, but that’s true of any rear-entry option.

2. Best All-Mountain: Flow Fenix

Top 4 Best Rear Entry Snowboard Bindings to Get in 2023 (3)Top 4 Best Rear Entry Snowboard Bindings to Get in 2023 (4)

  • Best for: All-Mountain
  • Key features: All-mountain versatility, performance flex, canted bankbeds, reclining highback, active strap tech
  • Flex: Medium
  • Style: Rear entry
  • Cost: $$

If you love the freedom of all-mountain riding and want a rear entry binding that can follow you anywhere you go, check out the Flow Fenix.

The Fenix has a medium flex that will provide solid performance in a variety of conditions. It also features the Axis baseplate for superior balance and excellent power transfer.

Canted footbeds help give you a customized fit, while EVA foam runs the length of the below foot area for added comfort.

Advanced riders might want a stiffer option, as the medium flex has its limits in very technical or challenging terrains.

(Video) The Best Snowboard Bindings of 2023

3. Best Women’s Option: Flow Omni Fusion

Top 4 Best Rear Entry Snowboard Bindings to Get in 2023 (5)Top 4 Best Rear Entry Snowboard Bindings to Get in 2023 (6)

  • Best for: Women
  • Key features: Versatile performance, comfortable, easy to step into, FUSE-series baseplate, active strap tech
  • Flex: Medium
  • Style: Rear entry
  • Cost: $$$

The Flow Omni Fusion is the best rear entry binding for women. It’s a solid option all around and is built to provide you with versatile performance in a range of different conditions.

Active strap technology keeps your feet in place and helps to enhance power transfer from your legs to your board. It’s an effective design that stands out for a rear entry option.

The highback reclines to allow easy access when you are ready to strap in. It’s built with a carbon-infused material that is super strong to provide support and comfort.

The FUSE-series baseplate has EVA foam footbeds for comfort and stability and helps allow for the responsive nature of the Omni.

These are relatively expensive compared to the other options on the list but still a highly recommended binding.

4. Best Freeride: Flow NX2-GT Hybrid

Top 4 Best Rear Entry Snowboard Bindings to Get in 2023 (7)
  • Best for: Freeride
  • Key features: Great for more advanced riders, N-gel cushioning, ATM.8 highback support panel, hybrid power strap.
  • Flex: Stiff
  • Style: Rear entry
  • Cost: $$$

The Flow NX2-GT Hybrid is a solid choice for more experienced riders who want to charge freeride lines down the mountain. They have a stiffer flex than any of the other options above, and that’s great for increased performance.

The NX2 series baseplate is engineered to be lightweight while still providing plenty of stiffness. It makes the Hybrid the most responsive binding on the list.

N-Gel cushioning helps reduce vibration at high speeds and cushions your feet from impact after big airs or drops.

Hybrid power straps offer a tight and secure fit that is easy to get dialed in quickly. This provides impressive hold for a rear entry binding.

(Video) Best Rear Entry Snowboard Bindings

These are another pretty expensive binding option.

==> You can also get it on Blue Tomato.

How to Choose Rear Entry Snowboard Bindings

Before you buy any of the bindings mentioned above, read through this section to make sure you make the right decision for your ability and riding style.

Are Rear Entry Bindings Right for You?

You may already know that you like or want rear entry bindings. If that’s the case, you can skip this paragraph. However, if you’re not sure what style of bindings are best for you, rear-entry might be the option to consider.

The most significant advantage of rear-entry bindings is that they are easy to use. This can be appealing to beginner riders or those who have ever struggled when using other types of bindings.

A disadvantage of rear-entry is that they will not allow for as much customized adjustment as traditional style bindings. With one strap instead of two, you cannot achieve independent adjustment of your toe and ankle straps at the level you can with traditional style bindings.


As with any type of binding, or any piece of snowboarding equipment, you want to get something that’s built to last. The harsh conditions your bindings will see out in the snow means they will take a lot of abuse. If you ride often, that becomes even more important to consider.

Look for quality materials, such as polycarbonate plastics, that are tough, durable, and able to withstand intense weather conditions without losing any durability or performance. That will allow you to ride to the best of your abilities and help you save money in the long run.


Flex is an important consideration as well. The term refers to how much give a binding will have when you put pressure on it while boarding.

A softer flex is better suited for beginners or those who like to play in the park or ride freestyle.

(Video) Best Snowboard Binding In 2023 - Top 10 New Snowboard Bindings Review

A stiffer flex translates to better response and high-end performance, making it good for advanced riders who demand a lot out of their equipment.

If you’re a somewhat experienced rider and don’t know your exact flex preference, I would suggest going with a medium flex. That will give you the ability to ride all over the mountain, from the park to deep powder, without missing a beat.


Here are a few quick answers to some commonly asked questions about rear entry snowboard bindings.

Are rear entry snowboard bindings good?

Rear entry bindings are a good choice for beginner and intermediate riders. They can also work just fine for some advanced riders, but I typically like the fit and feel of strap-in style bindings over rear entry.

How do you use rear entry snowboard bindings?

Rear entry bindings are very easy to use. You slide your boot into the bindings from the top, similar to how you slide your feet into a boot. Once they are inside the straps, you pull the ratchets tight, and then you are ready to ride.

Are all Flow bindings rear entry?

Yes. At least every model that I’ve seen from the brand has been a rear entry style. Flow makes the best rear entry options in the industry, and that’s why they have swept this list.

Useful Tips & Resources

In addition to rear entry style bindings, there are two other common styles: traditional and step-on.

Traditional is the most popular, rear entry the second most, and step in the least common.

If you want to learn more about the differences between the three main styles of snowboard bindings, check out this video.

My Verdict

If you want to use rear entry bindings for your snowboarding setup, the Flow Nexus is a top option. Any of the Flow bindings you find on this list are highly recommended because they specialize in this style.

Rear entry snowboard bindings are an excellent option for those of you who want an easy way to strap in while on the slopes. They aren’t always the best choice for experienced riders who want a more customized fit, but they will work for beginners and intermediates alike.

About Lorraine

I'm a certified snowboard instructor. My first experience with snowboarding occurred at an indoor resort. One run had me hooked, and it has turned into a lifelong passion ever since then. I'm here to share with you some of the tips and advice I have learned along the way.


What bindings do pro snowboarders use? ›

Some of the best bindings used by professional snowboarders include Burton, Salomon, or Union Binding Co bindings. The Burton Cartel X EST, the Union Flite Pro, and the Union Force are widely regarded as three of the best all-around snowboard bindings.

What are rear entry snowboard bindings? ›

Rear entry bindings are so-called because the binding opens up allowing you to slide your foot in from the back. The idea is that this makes getting your foot in and out of the binding much quicker than conventional strap snowboard bindings.

Do rear entry bindings require special boots? ›

Strap-in and rear-entry bindings will fit most boots with the correct adjustment. Burton Step-On bindings will only fit the Burton boots that come with or some rare other models that bought the patent from Burton.

What is the lightest flow binding? ›

The NX2 GT Hybrid Snowboard Binding is Flow's lightest, most responsive binding, making it perfect for shredding the entire mountain.

Who make the best snowboard bindings? ›

Best Snowboard Bindings 2022-2023
  • Bataleon Astro – Best Men's Snowboard Binding.
  • Union Ultra – Best Unisex Snowboard Binding.
  • Bataleon Blaster.
  • Bataleon Chaos.
  • Bent Metal Stylist (Women's)
  • Flow Mayon Plus (Women's)
  • Flow NX2 Carbon.
  • Jones Orion.
Sep 9, 2022

Do bindings really make a difference? ›

Bindings are just as important as the rest. They are your direct connection to the board, they transfer your energy to it and return this energy if need be. Bindings maximise control, comfort and precision, they are a key component that can enhance your riding experience or literally ruin your day if picked wrong.

What is the best snowboard binding angle? ›

Setting your binding at zero aligns it completely perpendicular to the edge. Most riders will find a front binding angle of +15-21 degrees is ideal.

Does it matter what snowboard bindings I get? ›

A good pair of bindings will allow you to control your board with ease, keep your feet comfortable and absorb vibrations. It's important to think about what style of snowboarding you prefer, the terrain you will be tackling and the board/boots you currently use when choosing bindings.

How do I know if my Flow is medium or heavy? ›

How do you know if you have heavy bleeding? If you need to change your tampon or pad after less than 2 hours or you pass clots the size of a quarter or larger, that is heavy bleeding. If you have this type of bleeding, you should see a doctor.

Is my Flow heavy or medium? ›

Your flow is heavy if:

Soaks through your tampon or pads every hour for a few hours in a row. You need to change pads or tampons during the night. You collect more than 30ml of blood in your menstrual cup. You fully soak 6 or more regular ( or 3 or more super) pads/tampons.

What are the lightest snowboarding bindings? ›

Union Flite Pro Snowboard Bindings 2023

The Union Flite Pro is the lightest snowboard binding you can buy.

Should my boot hang over my binding? ›

Are we saying that you should have overhang, even with bare feet? Yes. You will need overhang to be able to apply leverage to your edges and to get the most out of your board. 1/2 inch to 3/4 inch of boot overhang for both toe and heel is ideal, and will not create problematic toe or heel drag.

Are step in bindings better? ›

In short, Step On bindings work extremely well. The vast majority of riders who have tried them report excellent results, with many saying that they outperform traditional strap bindings in both comfort and performance.

How do I choose the right bindings? ›

The heel should fit snugly in the binding. A properly fit binding should allow the boot to flex, but not sway. If you have comfortable boots, and the bindings securely grip your boots with no extra play, then you have a good match.

What's the number one brand in snowboarding? ›

In the world of snowboarding, Burton is widely considered the top choice. A Burton board like the Flight Attendant will give you confidence that you can always ride at your best.

What is the fastest snowboard brand? ›

#1 best snowboard for speed: Burton Custom X (camber)

Well known for its all-around consistency and powerful performance, the Custom X camber is one of the fastest boards on the market. The board has a directional shape with a longer nose than tail, designed to be ridden fast over a variety of different terrains.

What is the most popular snowboarding brand? ›

1. Burton. Perhaps the most well-known of all snowboard brands, Burton was founded all the way back in 1977. Bob Marley, Jeremy Jones, Shaun White - they've all had deals with Burton.

Which foot do you push with on a snowboard? ›

There are two types of stance: regular and goofy. Regular footed means your left foot is in front and your right foot is in back; goofy footed means that your right foot is in front and your left foot is in back.

Do most snowboarders ride goofy? ›

A Regular isn't necessarily left handed and a Goofy right handed. Indeed, 75% of snowboarders ride Regular (which is why they are known as "Regular").

What is the most versatile snowboard? ›

These boards have been hand-picked for you based on their versatility and overall performance.
  2. Capita DOA. ...
  3. Gnu Essential Service. ...
  4. RIDE Warpig. ...
  5. Gnu Blake Paul Hyper C2X. ...
  6. Jones Frontier. ...
  7. Yes Basic. ...
  8. Lib Tech Ejack Knife C3 HP.

Is it OK to leave bindings on snowboard? ›

While the bindings are unmounted, you can thoroughly inspect them and check for any damage or signs of wear that might impact performance next season. Leaving the bindings off during storage relieves tension on the mounting screws that can lead to mellow (yet still annoying) side effects.

Why are union bindings the best? ›

Union Atlas Pro

The Pros are lighter, a touch stiffer, and come equipped with the Exoframe 5.0 straps, which provide for an even more locked-in feel than the standard, and already incredible, standard Atlas Bindings.

How much should you spend on snowboard bindings? ›

The cost of a good-quality snowboard from a good, reliable snowboarding brand will be anywhere from $400 to $1000.
6 more rows

What snowboard stance is best for all mountain? ›

duck stance

What bindings does Shaun White use? ›

What does Shaun ride? Shuan snowboards regular (not goofy) on a Burton White Collection 156 snowboard. He uses Burton bindings and boots. His home mountain is Park City, Utah.

Do pros use Burton step on? ›

They need to perform and ride their best, which means they need the equipment that works best for them. We've compiled a bunch of evidence that Burton Team Riders do in fact run the Step On system.

What is Shaun White's stance? ›

What setups do the professionals use?
namestance anglesstance category
Amy Johnson+24/+3forward
Jesse Burtner+25/+3forward
Shaun White*+15/+4forward
Ross Powers**+21/+9forward
23 more rows

What is the best binding stance for All mountain? ›

If you are interested in all-mountain freestyle, yet want to venture out of the park without making adjustments, you will want to go with a duck stance. However, while park riders often use a mirrored duck stance, you should set your bindings somewhere in the neighborhood of +15 / -3 for all-mountain freestyle riding.

What is the best stance angle for snowboarding? ›

Setting your binding at zero aligns it completely perpendicular to the edge. Most riders will find a front binding angle of +15-21 degrees is ideal.

What binding stance is best for park? ›

Duck stance is ideal for park riding, but it isn't required. If your knees or calves don't feel comfortable in the duck stance, a flat or slightly forward stance will work. Keep a snowboard tool in your pocket whenever you're riding so you can make binding adjustments on the fly.


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