The 10 Best Shower Caddy - (Top Reviews Of 2022) (2023)

I mean shower caddies to keep all your toiletries, right? But still, we want it to be appealing, useful, and functional. Who wants to experience a rusty organizer in the shower? So, you need thebest shower caddythat is made of rust-free materials and comes with the space you needed to organize your toiletries.

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They come in different shapes and sizes to fit any bathroom, either it’s small or big. The rust and corrosion-free materials used to make the shower caddies for the highest longevity and durability.

But it difficult to judge by a random user about the quality and functionality. That’s why we have come up today with our top 10 shower caddy selections of 2022so you can make an easy and good deal with no time.

10 Best Shower Caddy Reviews of 2022

mDesign Metal Wire Bathroom Tub & Hanging Shower Caddy- Best Overall

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If you hate taking out the last drop of shampoo from your bottle, my heart goes for you. So do I. mDesign has kept this in their mind and made the design that will not annoy you when you finish the products. It measures 4.4″ x 14.1″ x 23.75″ if you are interested.

The six shelves are at a 45-degree angle and your shampoo bottles will perfectly fit there. You have two more shelves to keep your soap for those who dislike sharing the same soap.

You may get a soap case for this shelve because you may drop soap accidentally. Also, get two razor hooks that you can use for keeping loofahs. Overall, it creates an attractive organizer for your bathroom and we made it our top choice among the best shower caddies.


  • The shower caddy is easy to install. You just hang it to your shower head and good to go.
  • The material is anti-rust thatis of strong steel. It adheres to the wall with a plastic suction cup.
  • It’s easy to clean with a damp cloth


  • The suction cup does not do a good job holding the wall.

Attmu Mesh Shower Caddy, Hanging Bath Organizer

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If you are a college student, sharing a bathroom at the dorm this hanging bath organizer will change your mind about shower caddies. It can hold so many bottles and stuff that you do not have to worry at all. The eight compartments will keep everything including your soap, razor, skincare item everything.

The strong material does not fall apart with all the weight you put in there. And the best thing is that it is quick-drying. If you hang it on a hook, it will dry out quickly.

You do not have to put up with a wet caddy for long. Check out the measure 7.3 x 5.9 x 5.9 inches to see if it fits your need. We recommend it as the best shower caddy for school, and college.


  • ts versatile design allows you to have every shower accessories by your hand.
  • It has nothing that can get rust so it will last for a long time
  • Dries out quickly so you can bring the caddy back to your dorm quickly after a shower
  • You can carry the portable organizer anywhere if you are a traveler


  • For some people, the straps could not impress with the quality.

ALLZONE Constant Tension Corner Shower Caddy

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If you are a perfectionist and want everything around to be perfect, then you will love this tension corner shower caddy. It is top-rated among its customers. All your toiletries can fit in here. A skincare junky will love this in their bathroom. You do not need any tools or drilling for its constant tension rod.

It has four shelves with enough place to keep your long bottles. The shelves measure 13” (front) x 9’’ (sides) x 1.65’’ deep. It has a draining system, and the caddy is heavy-duty. It has barriers on its side to protect your stuff from falling.

The manufacturers make the tension pole of galvanized pipe and coated with anti-rust stainless steel. So, you do not have to worry about its sturdiness. It is one of the best tension shower caddies in the market.


  • The slots that drain out water are impressive. You do not have to worry about your soap being in the water.
  • The shelves are heavy-duty
  • Do not lose tension or do not look old after using for a while.
  • Very good value for the money.


  • If you have a slanted ceiling, you will face some hiccups.
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Haundry Mesh Shower Caddy Tote, Large College Dorm

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Dorm life is not so easy. You might have to keep your keys with yourself even when you are having a shower. Haundry kept this in their mind and designed this portable shower caddy for a college dorm that has a key hook.

A big compartment and seven other small compartments make this an amazing shower organizer. Its size is (L)8.86 x (W)7.68 x (H)8.07 inches.

The high-quality durable bag is very breathable. It dries out quickly to save you from being annoyed by a wet bag. The handles of this mesh caddy are made of oxford cloth.

That means you can carry it anywhere but it will not tear apart. After getting this organizer you will never leave your shower essentials in the bathroom.


  • A big and small compartment allows us to keep different things. You can keep a towel in the big one and soap, shampoo is for a small one.
  • The fabric is superb quality and durable
  • Its mesh and helps to keep the bottom free of water or dust.
  • Does not catch any molding


  • When you open this fresh new caddy, it has a weird chemical smell to it.
  • For some people, it may not be of perfect size.

simplehuman Adjustable Shower Caddy

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If you are looking for a sleek shower caddy to enhance the beauty of your bathroom, then it’s the best for you. This neat adjustable shower caddy makes everything easy to grab while showering.

The installation process is very easy with the rubberized showerhead clamp and suction cup. The secure process of installation makes sure that it does not fall on you suddenly.

The soap dish dries out quickly so that your soap lasts for longer. The material is also durable and rustproof. It’s made of stainless steel, which you know is the best as a shower caddy. Also, if you have a handheld or removable shower head, it will be better to have this best shower organizer.


  • Organizing with this best shower caddy is very efficient. The quick-adjust dial immediately makes room for your large shampoo or conditioner bottle.
  • The installation is easier than other expensive shower caddies.
  • It can hold a lot of products. Even you can keep heavy shampoo bottles in here with little worries.


  • Some consumers said that it rusts after a period.
  • It’s expensive for the quality

simplehuman Corner Shower Caddy

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We use shower caddies for keeping our everyday shower essentials. Some designs are not for our home for various reasons. Sometimes we do not want it to hang on the showerhead. Because it hampers the water pressure, it’s not possible to invest more.

For this, you must try this simplehuman corner shower caddy. Its sleek design is not just an addition to your bathroom but also keeps a lot of stuff in it. Considerably, it is the best corner shower caddy places in a corner to save you more place.

It stands on its own; you do not have to install it. And this one can even stand still on uneven floors. It measures 13.2″W x 8.5″D x 30.5″H. The stainless steel made standing shower caddy is durable and rust-resistant. They also make the spine of an aluminum pole that holds everything in place.


  • It has side hooks that are very convenient to keep a razor or loofah.
  • The caddy has a big space that can keep large shampoo bottles.
  • The organizer can keep so many shower essentials at a time.
  • The price is reasonable, and it’s worth every penny.


  • The rust of its legs leaves a mark on the tiles that you never want.

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OXO Good Grips Stainless Steel Corner Standing Shower Caddy

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Looking for the best caddy for a small bathroom?The headache adds when you need to find the best value for the price. For that, I would suggest this OXO one more than anything.

The best quality materials will make sure it lasts long. And the convenience will make you fall in love with it again and again.

Its non-slip feet will ensure that it’s standing still on an uneven shower floor. Stability is not an issue with this corner standing caddy. The bins can keep plenty of things.

Those are easy to remove in case you want to clean up. The three feet tall and stainless steel made shower organizer will never do not amaze you.


  • Versatility makes it different from others. Its shelves have hooks and water drainage systems for convenience.
  • It’s a no-tool install and still, the grip is amazing.
  • You can adjust it any time for cleaning so it looks new every time.


  • Consumers say that it needs to have rubber on the back foot. Or it keeps sliding to the front side.
  • Cannot hold dry washcloths effectively

Cambridge-Casual AMZ-250376T Estate Teak Spa/Shower Corner Shelf

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Some of us love aesthetic things around us. We try to look for beauty in everything. For those lovers of beauty, this corner shower shelf is a fresh breath of air.

This elegant shelf will change the way your bathroom looks. Solid teak wood is the material that makes the shelf. Teak wood is naturally rot-resistant and does not decay easily.

This is already assembled when you buy it. You do not have to install it. You can store a lot of things in here. To turn your bathroom into a spa-like place this could be the best corner shower shelf.

It measures 20.75″ L x 14.75″ W x 42.5″ H. very good value of money compared to the price. Highly recommended for the small bathroom.


  • It comes fully assembled and saves your time and energy.
  • Very sturdy and heavy material that will last for a really long time.
  • Space is so much that you will keep indoor plants on it.
  • Makes a big difference to the look of your bathroom


  • Takes up a lot of space from the shower. If space is not your concern, then buy it.

simplehuman Tension Shower Caddy

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This simplehuman tension shower caddy is something that will solve all the organizing problems you ever had. If your bathroom shape is weird and you cannot use a corner caddy, it will be perfect for you.

The price may seem expensive for a shower organizer. But think of it as an investment. No matter what you change in your bathroom, you will not have to change this tension pole caddy anymore.

The tension pole shower caddy can store so many products that your 10 step skincare routine can be here. You can organize everything in just one place. The aluminum pole that has a high compression spring will be sturdy for a long time.

Its feet are rubbery so it will not fall down easily. It has cut out holes so you can keep products upside down for reaching the last drop of product.


  • So much room to store your stuff. Even you can hang your towel there.
  • It secures the pole to the floor so you do not have to worry about it falling down on you while having a shower.
  • You do not need any tools to install it, and you can adjust the shelves anytime for quick cleaning.
  • Very sturdy tension shower caddy compared to others.


  • Very expensive. But if you can convince yourself of the splurge, you will not regret it.
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HASKO accessories – Powerful Vacuum Suction Cup Shower Caddy

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With a suction cup, you can solve the problem of installing that takes so much effort. This is what you get in HASKO suction cup shower caddies. You do not need any tools or drilling to get this one. But installing turns into an IQ test if you do not have the right surface. So make sure you know what you are buying.

They make the shower caddy of chrome-plated stainless steel. The cap and knob both are also from chrome-plated hardened plastic. The suction is a rubber that holds suction. For a person who does not need many products to keep in the caddy, it’s the best suction cup shower caddy to consider.

Showerhead caddies hamper the water flow that some people do not prefer. For that, you can get your hands on this.


  • The product is durable and does not have any risk of getting rust.
  • The price is very reasonable for the quality they are providing.
  • Small but compact and beautiful


  • It does not work in some specific places like grout lines, porous surfaces. The suction does not hold there for long.

Best Shower Caddy Buying Guide

You always want the best thing for you and your family. The shower caddy is no exception. It will make your everyday life easier and keep organized shower necessities by your hands. There are certain things important to know before mounting, installing, or hanging a shower caddy. Here are those:


Different materials work in different circumstances. Once you know the difference, you will understand which can meet your need:

The 10 Best Shower Caddy - (Top Reviews Of 2022) (12)

Metal shower caddy

Most of the shower caddy available in the market is of metal. Metal makes it durable for a long time. It gives strength to the shelves to carry a lot of stuff.

You can use it by putting anti-rust on the shower caddy for avoiding rust. But it will get rust after a certain time even after the anti-rust.

Plastic shower caddy

We use plastic made caddies for just carrying things for a short time. You need to be very careful with its maintenance. Clean the organizer every day as plastic attracts so many germs.

If you have an alternative, it’s better not to use plastic caddies. For college or gym purposes, it’s OK to use it. But do not use it as your regular caddy at home.

Polyester shower caddy

This one is also a lot like the plastic one. It’s for use for a short time in your visit to the gym or college. You can use a plastic caddy for your shower for a bit but never even try to do that with a polyester one. If you are a traveler, this will be your best investment to carry all the small things to a place.

Types of Shower Caddies:

Shower caddies have different varieties in the market. You will have different styles and systems to choose from the variations. If you know which types are for what, it will be easier for you to choose. Then the best one will be yours. Let’s get to know about the variations of shower caddies.

Hanging shower caddy

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Among all kinds, hang shower caddy is the most popular. And it is obviously for a reason. Hanging caddies are likely to get less mold and bacteria in them. As it’s hanging from the showerhead, the water does not stay on the caddy. It dries down quickly before mold comes.

Another good thing about the hanging shower organizer is that cleaning up is easier with this one. When you are having a shower just grab your shower gel or shampoo from the showerhead. You do not have to move to places for that.

But the dark side for the hanging type is that it disturbs the waterfall if you have a handheld showerhead. Those who have low water pressure cannot cope. For a large hanging caddy, you have to spend on a high water pressure shower head.

Tension pole corner shower caddy

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A family of over four people means the bathroom will have loads of stuff. We all have different skin and love different stuff. So the shower organizer must be bigger for a big family. For that, you may get a tension pole corner shower caddy.

We set these in the bathtub’s corner and get rust easily on them. The rust problem is so much that you have to replace this regularly.

It sets this shower caddy with a tension pole and it will not crash. You do not want to wake in the middle of the night to the crashing sound of your shower caddy.

For keeping yourself safe, keep checking if the tension pole is all right. Also, do not overload the area with stuff. Keep some of your heavy gadgets in the bathroom cabinets.

Suction cup shower caddy

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This one is solely for single people out there. You will keep two, three most needed things on the suction cup shower caddy. It’s not really a heavy-duty caddy for sure. It becomes damaged over soap and chlorine water in just a short time.

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You need to replace the caddy in just a phase of nine months. And we keep aside the question of a suction cup damaging your granite end. If you are a very caring person and have a small budget, this will fit your choice.

Corner shower caddy

The 10 Best Shower Caddy - (Top Reviews Of 2022) (16)

If you have to share a bathroom in your dorm or gym, this corner shower caddy is a good choice. It’s made with a plastic shell and the caddy is portable, which makes it easy to clean up.

As the manufacturer makes a shower caddy is with polyester, it attracts a lot of bacteria. You do not want infection by keeping your shaving tools there. Before using the tools, make sure you disinfect those tools. Keep things in packages after using them.

Portable shower caddy for college

The 10 Best Shower Caddy - (Top Reviews Of 2022) (17)

We all need a portable shower caddy either for our gym or college dorm. These portable organizers are a cheap alternative to all the expensive ones. You can carry things that you need on a way to college.

Make sure they make the organizer of a strong material that does not go bad easily. You need sturdy material for carrying it around.

Small compartments are very handy for college students that should be in your portable caddy. Before committing to one, compare one to another and buy which meets your need.

Freestanding shower caddy

The 10 Best Shower Caddy - (Top Reviews Of 2022) (18)

The freestanding caddies are impressive. You do not have to hang it to anything. Hanging involves many problems that enjoy tripping down on the floor or damaging your natural stone floor. So the manufacturer kept it standing alone with pride. If you prefer sticking to walls, you can do it too.

You can keep it in the corner of your bathroom. It will be more useful if the bathroom is a little bigger than the average.

It’s a little expensive but the sturdiness will make you forget the damage. Make sure you get an aluminum-made stand-alone shower caddy so that rust or mold cannot find it.

Over the door shower caddy

The 10 Best Shower Caddy - (Top Reviews Of 2022) (19)

We mount hanging shower caddies on the showerhead. Just like this, we mount the caddy over the shower door. This idea solves the problem of caddies being wet all the time. The organizer will catch the least amount of water as it’s hanging on the door.

But this system will not work for everyone because not everyone has an actual door on their shower.

Some people use curtains for their bathtub and over the door organizers is not for them. If you set the over the door shower caddy with a curtain, it will stop the curtain from closing completely.

Shape and Size of Shower Caddies

The best shower organizers come in various forms of shapes and sizes. Understand your need. If you are single and need little to keep then a small caddy will help you. But a big family will require a big caddy to carry all the things.

Commonly people hang the caddy around the neck of the shower head. This type should not be too heavy. If your shampoo bottles are tall and heavy or there are many skincare items, then you should get one that can stay on the floor. It will require a big budget but worth it.

Where to use it?

Shower caddies are installed around the neck of the shower head. Some people hang it on their doors for saving showerheads. It’s up to you how you want to keep it. There are some styles in the bathroom’s corner. And some can carry around the gym or college.


The price depends on the materials, shape, and sizes. The price starts from $10 to $15 for cheap materials like portable mesh caddy. But a good quality shower caddy is around 40 to 50 dollars or even more that will last you for a long time.


How to install a shower caddy?

Mostly installing a shower caddy is an easy task. If you know exactly follow the instruction manual, you will do it. But there is no exact procedure that I can tell you now. Because there are different shower caddies. Each has its own style and ways of installing it. Better you go with the instructions manual.

How do you rust prove a shower caddy?

First, select the best material possible. Stainless steel is the best among all to rust. Also, use an anti-rust solution before installing the shower caddy. When you use it, I try to keep it dry all the time. Dry things do not attract rust at all. Take care of the trusting part because it’s not good for your shaving gadgets.

How do I clean rust from my shower caddy?

At first, remove the rusted part of the shower caddy. Put baking soda on the rusts and then take one cup of vinegar. Pour the vinegar on that rusted parts. Keep it aside for two minutes and wash it off with warm water. You will see a new shine on your shower caddies.

How do you hold a shower caddy in place?

The best shower caddies help a lot in keeping shower essentials near you. But it’s not a pleasant experience if you see that it’s sliding down to you from the showerhead. This is enough for a heart attack with all those gadgets and big shampoo bottles in the shower organizer.

A zip tie can help you with this accident. Tie the zip tie in the shower’s neck head and see it does not let your caddy move. A hose clamp is also a good choice but the zip tie is way cheaper than that.

What is a shower organizer?

A shower organizer is the same thing known as a shower caddy. It’s like shelves that keep all your shower essentials in a place. It holds your shaving gadgets, shampoo, and skincare items. A very handy thing to keep in your shower.

If you are a skincare junky, you can keep your whole regime in the organizer. You will reach the products easily. It will also motivate you to continue the routine regularly.


These were some suggestions that can help you choose the best shower caddy from the vast options. You may have become an expert on this matter now. Some things I got to know from my experience that may help you. I hope you find the best one and enjoy a carefree shower every day.


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