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Is X-Lite best for Clearance products?

There is a great amount of choice when it comes to products in the Clearance category, and with X-Lite products in total you’ve got a tough choice in choosing the best product.

  • Key Features
  • Key Features
  • X-Lite X-802RR Ultra Carbon Marquetry – Carbon / White Carbon fibre shell construction Scratch resistant Pinlock visor (insert included) Intake vents at front, top and chin Rear air exhaust vent Double D retention system Removable activated carbon fibre liner and cheek pads Wind protector and breath deflector Visor lock and demister 3 shell sizes The X-802RR is the racing carbon fibre helmet from the Nolan group, developed in three outer shell sizes. This design represents the culmination of years of experience in the top levels of motorcycle racing competitions. Each component (shell, visor, Racing Experience comfort, Racing Air Flow/ RAF ventilation system) is the result of innovative development, aimed at providing a product with constant quality and perfect performance. Each component was developed using experimental testing schemes within the MotoGP and SBK World Championships: Casey Stoner, Jorge Lorenzo, Carlos Checa, Marco Melandri, Danny Kent and other riders sponsored by the Company tested and experimented many of the innovative technical solutions found on this helmet which is available for serious and demanding riders. Excellent comfort thanks to the new removable and washable inner padding (Carbon Fitting), made from activated carbon fibres. The activated carbon is temperature-regulating (it encourages sweat evaporation while maintaining a constant temperature), anti static (helps to control static electricity), bacteriostatic (it respects the skin and protects it from pollutants) and is 100% natural. The X-802RR is equipped with a DD-ring retention system. Available in XS-2XL across three shell sizes. All models come with Pinlock included. All helmets are supplied with a clear visor as standard Product Videos X-Lite X-802RR Overview
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X-Lite X-802RR Ultra Carbon Marquetry Review: quality score of 92%

On our most recent scan for reviews of X-Lite X-802RR Ultra Carbon Marquetry we identified that it did a great job scoring 92% and from customer reviews at SportsBikeShop it scored 5 out of 5 based on 2 reviews.

Best price on X-Lite X-802RR Ultra Carbon Marquetry

We conduct regular searches to find the best prices on Clearance products, as you can probably guess SportsBikeShop often come up top on the pricing chart for value.

The best value product in the Clearance category is just £5.5 with the highest price at £779.98. For items made by X-Lite the cheapest is £24.99 and highest cost is £519.99. The average price in the Clearance category is £155.22. When conducting our latest price check X-Lite X-802RR Ultra Carbon Marquetry was available at £359.99 from SportsBikeShop.

X-Lite X-802RR Ultra Carbon Marquetry scored a result of 97% when ranked against other similar products.


X-Lite are of course one of the best brands selling items in the Clearance category.

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Riding a motorcycle is not only to get you from point “A” to point “B” in a hurry, but it is a great way to get there as well, because it is a fun ride all the way through.

The excitement of being able to have a beast of an engine below you with its power determined with the turn of your right palm on the accelerator is what makes many to choose a motorcycle.

Riding smart and gallantly like a knight on horseback is what many of the young dream when they push the motorcycle to its limits, but prudently considering to be within the permitted parameters of the laws of the land.

Whatever type of two wheeled machine you would be riding on, it would be prudent to be well equipped against the dangers that you could encounter if you happen to fall off this fast moving contraption.

Our guide is here to help you find the best motorcycling products at the lowest prices, from products in the Clearance category, to cleaning products and more.

Riding accessories

It is imperative to ensure that you are well protected from head to toe before you would climb astride your motorcycle as you are vulnerable to the follies of others and could have some nasty injuries from accidents if you are not.

Unlike being inside a closed “tin can” which we would also refer to as a car, the motorcycle is a completely different contraption where the rider is unable to remain astride when an accident happens.

Falling off a motorcycle could have some very disastrous consequences, and if the inevitable does happen the rider would need to be adequately protected.


Protection to the head which is a very important part of our anatomy could be accomplished by wearing a protective helmet which should fit perfectly onto the rider’s head and be comfortable.
The straps which would hold the helmet on the head should be all well secured so that even if you fall off or are in an accident your head should remain in the helmet and vice versa.
Most fatalities occur when the helmet is not well secured on the head and it detaches from the head in an accident which is invariably because the straps have not been well clipped in place.

Visor / Riding Glasses

Eyes are exposed to dust n the air when riding a motorcycle and needs to be well protected. Helmets of many types would generally be equipped with a visor which could be clipped in place to leave to eyes protected.

Hence when buying a helmet ensure that it has a good visor and that it would protect your eyes from dust and other little debris that could hurtle towards you at speed.

If you buy a helmet without a visor, ensure that you select a good pair of riding goggles which would adequately protect your eyes. The riding goggles should fit you perfectly with no chance of any dust passing through to your eyes.


The moment you fall off a motorcycle and depending on the speed that you would be travelling at, the fall would drag you along the surface that you fall on.

Whether it is tarmac, sand, concrete or even grass the chances are you would end up with as many bruises as the surface would determine, but a special riding jacket could protect you from a fall as well as the adverse weather.

A jacket made of a strong fabric or even leather which would be properly zipped up could protect you from major bruising and ensure that less damage is caused to your upper torso.


A pair of well fitting riding Gloves is another very important accessory that anyone riding a motorcycle should be wearing.
Our hands especially below the wrist could take the brunt of a fall at speed and being dragged along with no gloves on could bruise them very badly.

Riding gloves made of a strong fabric or leather could help in minimising injury which is generally inevitable in most accidents where riders fall off their motorcycles.


It is imperative that the pair of trousers a rider would wear is well fitting and of a strong fabric which would ensure the minimum of bruising and injury if he or she falls off a motorcycle.

There are special trousers too which are made for riding and are all weather proof which could protect the rider from rain and other elements of Nature.

Base layer socks and Boots

Thermal socks would also provide protection to the lower legs inside a pair of riding boots which should normally cover right up to the calves.
Riding boots need to be of strong materials of which there are many today and one which would be still popular would be leather, but other artificial materials are also gaining in popularity due to cost and strength.

Riding safely

Once you are well protected with all the riding accessories on you it would be prudent to ensure that you still ride carefully obeying all road rules because being astride a motorcycle calls for extra caution from the rider.

The rider is vulnerable to the driving and riding standards of other road users and falling off is limited to a rider and not to others who could be protected inside a “tin can”.

Buying your accessories

When buying any of the above Accessories especially online it would be prudent to pick branded names with good bona fides without selecting the cheaper one as you would not know what you would get at the end.

Branded products would have been tried and tested over a substantial period of time. They would have good return policies.

Helmets may have certain warranties against any manufacturing defects, all these would be generally limited to only the branded products whilst other products may be offered at cheaper prices but would be substandard when put to use.

These protective wear are important as they would minimise injury to you when you meet with an accident and the extent of your injury would depend on the protective clothing that you would wear.

Get the best and protect yourself well and ride n confidence too, that you have what it takes to keep you safe.

Motorcycle thefts

There are a spate of motorcycle thefts occurring all over the world hence it is prudent to have an appropriate security locking system for your beloved ride, without it being pilfered from you.

There is a variety of such security devices available, which could keep your motorcycle from unscrupulous individuals but you would need to select the appropriate one for your ride.

Locks, chains and alarms are some of what are popularly used by motorcycle owners to keep away the thieves form their beloved rides.
Depending on the level of security that you have equated on your motorcycle it could catch the eye of your motorcycle insurer too and they would provide you an attractive discount on your premium.

Towards enjoying such an incentive on your premium you may need to have a security system and tracker approved by your relevant insurer.

Reading the Reviews

Most products that you would contemplate of buying online would have customer reviews, whether it’s X-Lite X-802RR Ultra Carbon Marquetry or another, some of them may be random but others from bona fide customers who would have used such products.

Perusing these reviews for all the products that you would hope to give a thought of buying, reading the reviews carefully should hold you in good stead.

Selecting branded products and comparing them with others would apprise you of the quality and longevity of use between the two and in most cases it would be prudent to select quality above price.

This is so because it could mean the difference between either major or minor injury, not relegating fatalities too from the equation.

Managing costs

Protective gear to ride a motorcycle is not something which you could compromise on hence you would need to intelligently evaluate the costs against the protection that you would be accorded.

It is beneficial on the long term to buy quality products which would protect you adequately other than being “Penny wise and pound Foolish” at the end.

You may end up paying more to repair your injured self than what you would have saved by buying substandard products to “protect” yourself when riding the motorcycle.

Get the best equipment available online and have a safe ride, on the contrary save on quality and face the consequences, licking your wounds on your hospital bed.

If you would like to see more reviews on products from X-Lite just send us a comment and we will do our best to review it.

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X-Lite X-802RR Ultra Carbon Marquetry Written by: Matt Cooper
Rating: 9.3 out of 10

Review of X-Lite X-802RR Ultra Carbon Marquetry (2024)
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