How Many Sprays of Creed Aventus Do You Need? (2023)

Creed Aventus is available in 1.7oz (50ml) and 3.3oz (100ml). They provide between 500 and 1500 sprays depending on how long you press the atomizer for.

Creed Aventus is a cologne that lasts. Creed perfumes come with at least 500 sprays per bottle for the 1.7oz bottle versions.

These bottles last a long time even if they are a smaller version since Aventus is applied sparingly with just several sprays.

A large bottle of Aventus can be squirt between 1.000 and 1.5000 sprays. This means you can expect up to 500 applications of Creed Aventus (3.3oz bottle) or 500 days of smelling like Creed Aventus.

This means Aventus easily lasts more than a year. Since you won’t wear it every day, it’s fair to say a Creed Aventus bottle lasts between 2 and 3 years for most men.

How Many Sprays of Creed Aventus to Apply?

Applying Creed Aventus is a story of its own. Men argue about the right number of sprays for this cologne, that’s how good and popular it still is.

Most men recommend applying between 2 and 4 sprays of Aventus on different body parts. Make sure to read the how to apply cologne guide posted a few months back on

After hours of questions and research, I found out social situations where wearing perfume is a bit edgy mostly go with 1 spray of Aventus. This includes

  • Wearing Aventus to school
  • Wearing Aventus to college
  • Wearing Aventus to work
  • Wearing Aventus to a date

Other occasions recommend applying 2 sprays of Creed Aventus, particularly when the atmosphere is a bit more relaxed. These situations include.

  • Shopping while wearing Creed Aventus
  • Going to an outdoor date
  • Attending an event

3-4 sprays of Creed Aventus are recommended for occasions where you don’t have to be up close to a person or when you aren’t stuck in a room for an hour or more. This includes the following situations.

  • Shopping
  • Traveling
  • Going to a movie
  • Road trips
  • Parties
  • Clubbing

The general consensus is that you need to wear 2-4 sprays of Creed Aventus unless you’re in school. Those wearing it to work often go with 2 sprays. One on the neck and one behind the neck to leave a nice scent trail.

Now, Creed Aventus projection is very strong. By projection alone, how many sprays of Creed Aventus do you think are needed?

It turns one a single Aventus spray project to 7 – 9 feet. This means you should apply it with caution as it’s a heavy fragrance.

Creed needs to be applied sparingly when you wear Aventus in the winter.

What if you want everybody to know you smell like Creed Aventus?

When you want to make the most of Aventus (why wouldn’t you?) there’s a temptation to overspray. However, when it comes to learning how to apply cologne such as Aventus you need to split the sprays for a long-lasting smell with good projection.

Instead of spraying it 4 times in the same place, you can spray it once on the neck, once behind the neck, and one spray on each wrist.

This ensures you have a nice scent cloud around you without having to resort to more than 4 Aventus sprays, which is overkill.

Heavy perfume sprayers don’t recommend an upper limit. However, given you pay a high price for this cologne it’s best to limit yourself to 4 maximum sprays and even consider people eventually get used to the scent anyway.

How many sprays does Creed Aventus have anyway?

If you’re considering buying Creed Aventus you’re probably wondering about the number of sprays each bottle comes with. Here’s what you can expect from the 2 Creed Aventus bottles.

Creed Aventus 1.7oz (50ml)Creed Aventus 3.3oz (100ml)
Number of sprays500-750 sprays1.000 – 1.500 sprays

How long does a Creed Aventus bottle last?

So if you don’t overspray it how much can you expect Aventus to last? Let’s make a few simple calculations and split its price per spray to see the real long-term performance.

If a bottle of Aventus costs around $400, you can expect a spray to cost a minimum of $0.26 and a maximum of $0.4. This cost can be split to a recommended maximum of 3 years so that the bottles don’t go off. The price of wearing Creed Aventus for 1 year is around $133. It’s not that expensive if you think of it this way. But how much does it last?

1 year – a bottle of Creed Aventus only lasts 1 year if you apply 5 or more sprays each day of the year.

2 years – a bottle of Creed Aventus lasts 2 years when you apply 2-3 sprays each day.

3+ years – a bottle of Creed Aventus lasts 3 or more years when you apply 1-2 sprays of perfume each day.

However, constantly thinking about making your Aventus bottle last 3+ years isn’t recommended.

Keep reading to find out why.

Creed Aventus shelf life – how long does Creed Aventus last once opened?

Creed Aventus has a shelf life between 3 and 5 years depending on how it’s stored. Warmer room temperature will reduce its shelf life to 3 years while lower room temperature and storage away from direct sunlight will make it last up to 5 years.

The expiration date of Creed Aventus is 5 years. The perfume goes off after 5 years even if you don’t use it.

The idea is to wear Aventus if you buy it and not try to make it lasts up to 5 years as its scent will change and the cologne might even go off. However, you also want to avoid over-spraying it given it has high projection and very good silage.


Applying Creed Aventus is one of those special moments for almost any man. This legendary men’s cologne is among the perfect colognes for a one-spray application. You can apply Aventus up to 4 sprays if you want to be in the center of attention.

Applying Creed Aventus is subject to subjectivity or personal preferences. What works for one person doesn’t work for another.

Asking for advice on how many sprays of Aventus to wear doesn’t work if you aren’t asking Aventus owners. Most people associate perfume bottles with the ones they see in stores at a mass-market price.

Aventus is a niche men’s fragrance higher in potency. It’s never a lightweight perfume, even when worn in the summer.


Are 4 sprays of Creed Aventus too much?

4+ sprays of Creed Aventus can become cloying. A single spray can be smelt from a distance of a few feet. Applying it more than 4 times at a time can become overbearing if wearing it indoors.

How much Creed Aventus to wear to school?

It’s only recommended to wear 1 spray of Creed Aventus to school. It’s best to check school policies on wearing perfume first.

How much Creed Aventus to wear to work/office?

Most men wear at least 2 sprays of Creed Aventus to the office. Applying it more than 3 times is surely too much at work given it lasts all day and given it projects up to a few feet away.

How many sprays are 1.7oz?

1.7oz perfume corresponds to 500-750 sprays.

How many sprays are 3.3oz?

3.3oz corresponds to 1.000-1.5000 sprays.

How many sprays is 50ml?

50ml bottles have 500-700 sprays.

How many sprays is 100ml?

100ml bottles have 1.000-1.500 sprays.

Is one squire of Creed Aventus cologne enough?

1 squire of cologne is enough in busy social situations such as school, work, or meetings. The perfume is potent and you can smell it even when only applying it once, preferably on body pulse points such as the neck or the wrists.


How many sprays in a bottle of Creed Aventus? ›

Each vial is 2ml and includes approximately 20-30 sprays of fragrance.

Is 3 sprays of cologne too much? ›

How many perfume sprays is too much? There is no definitive answer to this question, as it will vary depending on the person and the scent. However, it is generally advised not to apply more than three or four sprays, as excessive perfume use can be overwhelming and irritating.

How long does Creed Aventus last? ›

The old batch I Got lasted me a whole day after coming home from the bar. It was so noticeable I thought I sprayed too much.. The new batch I got only last a good 2 hours.

Can you wear Creed Aventus everyday? ›

Although Creed is often seen as a special occasion or formal fragrance , I think Aventus Cologne is perfect to wear on a day to day basis”.

What is better Aventus or Aventus Cologne? ›

Whilst Aventus is your richer counterpart – perfect for evening time and making a fragrance statement, Aventus Cologne is ideal for everyday wear. But don't be underestimated by the name – Aventus Cologne shares the same concentration as Aventus, making it an Eau de Parfum of Millesime quality, not an Eau de Cologne.

Is 2 sprays of cologne enough? ›

How Many Times Should You Spray Cologne? Generally, it is best to aim for between two and four sprays. Applying too much cologne can very easily become overpowering, however, If you spray too little, the scent is unlikely to be as noticeable as you would like and it is also likely to fade too quickly.

What season is Creed Aventus best for? ›

When To Wear Creed Aventus? Creed Aventus is easily a signature scent which means you can wear it all season on all occasions. However, Aventus prefers warmer days and daytime over cold winters and nighttime.

Can you refill a Creed Aventus bottle? ›

Perfect for the Creed connoisseur who is always on the go, this refill set is available in our most beloved scents. Each features three 10ML vials prefilled with a single fragrance you select that fits perfectly inside your Creed Pocket Atomizer so you'll never be without your favorite fragrance.

How many sprays does Dior Sauvage have? ›

Dior Sauvage is a very potent perfume, so 2-4 sprays should work just fine for you and should be enough. Get 2 on the sides of the neck, and if you want it to keep the smell longer on you, spray 2 more times on your chest or shoulder. Fragrances always linger more on your clothes than on your skin.

Should I put cologne on my clothes or skin? ›

The oils are designed to be absorbed and melded with your skin's natural oils, creating your own unique scent. That can't happen when you apply it to your clothing, so never apply fragrance to anything but your skin. That means you shouldn't spray it in a cloud and walk through it, either.

How long does Dior Sauvage last? ›

The lasting power is 8 – 10 hours with very good projection. Dior Sauvage Parfum – a citrus woody fragrance released in 2019. The main notes include sandalwood, bergamot, and olibanum. The lasting power is 8 – 10 hours with moderate projection.

Is Creed cheaper in France? ›

You can get TWO 2.5 OZ bottles for LESS than the price of ONE in the US.

What smells the same as Creed Aventus? ›

Poseidon's Elixir by Dua Brands– So, the Dua Brands version of Aventus is pretty damn close to the original. Probably not the exact same depth, but for $50-60 per bottle, it's as close to a clone of the Creed scent that you're going to encounter. I linked above to Poseidon's Elixir 2.0 on their site.

What makes Creed Aventus smell so good? ›

The top notes are fruity and fresh. They include apple, bergamot, blackcurrant leaves, and pineapples. Creed Aventus samples plenty of scents that remind you of a romantic summer evening. The middle notes are more floral with jasmine and patchouli, mixed with pink berry undertones.

Is Creed Aventus Manly? ›

One of Creed's most popular, and top smelling fragrances for men. is called Aventus. It is unique, masculine, and refreshing.

Is Aventus overpriced? ›

Nature-based ingredients are more expensive than synthesis and, instead of being mechanized, the majority of the manufacture use a practical approach. You have to pay more if you buy Creed Aventus. Nonetheless, if the Creed Aventus fragrance makes you feel desirable and satisfied, your money is worth the brand.

What cologne gets the most compliments? ›

Top 10 Fragrances That Gets You Most Compliments
  • Maison Francis Kurkdjian Baccarat Rouge 540 Extrait de Parfum. ...
  • Dior Sauvage Eau de Parfum. ...
  • Creed Aventus Eau de Parfum. ...
  • Armaf Club de Nuit Intense Man Eau de Parfum. ...
  • BDK Parfums Rouge Smoking Eau De Parfum. ...
  • Montale Intense Cafe Eau de Parfum.
13 Sept 2022

Is Sauvage similar to Aventus? ›

Overall it is too close to call. Dior Sauvage could have a slight edge over Aventus on an evening, and get more compliments. However, Aventus is more versatile and also coveted, so you get that extra special feeling when you're wearing it. Lucky for me, I own them both!

What is the strongest Cologne? ›

Eau de Parfum (EDP) is the strongest type of perfume we sell. Eau de Parfum contains between 10-20% of perfume oil, and is a popular choice with both perfume brands and customers. Eau de Parfum will generally last around 8 hours. Eau de Toilette (EDT) is next, containing around 5-15% of perfume oil.

How many squirts of cologne should a man? ›

The Journal reports that you should "stick to two" spritzes, "one on the neck and the other in the center of your shirt." Those points are chosen based on where you're likely to perspire.

Should you spray cologne and walk through it? ›

The “spray in the air and walk through” method is a myth. It's not only a waste of product, and the alcohol and oils can stain some clothing. Don't overdo it. Two to three quick sprays on each pulse point are fine.

Should I spray both wrists with cologne? ›

You should avoid spritzing and rubbing for two reasons. First, rubbing your wrists together can dull top notes (or the scents you smell in the first five minutes of applying perfume). Secondly, it mixes the perfume vigorously with your natural oils, which can change the way it smells.

What cologne does Jay Z wear? ›


Jay-Z prefers Creed Millésime Impérial's 'a fit for royalty' scent, which is also considered the gold standard in the fragrance world.

What is the oldest Creed scent? ›

King George III loved fragrances, and he commissioned Creed's first fragrance, “Royal English Leather,” in 1781.

What's the difference between Creed Aventus and Creed Aventus Cologne? ›

Whilst Aventus is your richer counterpart – perfect for evening time and making a fragrance statement, Aventus Cologne is ideal for everyday wear. But don't be underestimated by the name – Aventus Cologne shares the same concentration as Aventus, making it an Eau de Parfum of Millesime quality, not an Eau de Cologne.

How many sprays of Chanel Bleu? ›

How Many Sprays of Bleu de Chanel is Enough? 3 to 5 sprays on your pulse points will be more than enough to get the best of Bleu De Chanel. It has a great concentration and several sprays will make you smell delightful all day.

What cologne does Johnny Depp wear? ›

Johnny Depp's favorite fragrance is Sauvage by Christian Dior and this actor is a huge fan of the Dior brand. He's the official face of Sauvage and has signed repeated deals with Dior over the years to continue his sponsorship. When he's not wearing Sauvage, he's a big fan of Dior Homme by Dior.

Why is Sauvage so popular? ›

“It's an exquisite scent that takes all those smelling it on a fabulous journey,” she tells me. “The fresh and captivating top notes give way to a warm, sexy, enigmatic and sophisticated base. Part of what makes it so enduringly successful is that it seems to tap into so many different tribes and zeitgeists.”

How can a guy smell good all the time? ›

5 Habits Of Men Who Always Smell Great
  1. Wear Washed, Breathable Clothes. For men who tend to sweat a lot, the easiest thing you can do to smell good is to combat the body odour trapped in dirty and sweaty clothes. ...
  2. Use A Nice Fragrance. ...
  3. Limit The Smelly Food. ...
  4. Use Fresh Bedding. ...
  5. Use The Right Products.
2 Apr 2022

Is it better for cologne to be hot or cold? ›

Fresher and cooler fragrances will give you the best contrast to hot weather. Since the high temperatures make scents much stronger, apply them lightly.

What scents last the longest? ›

Musk and woody families frequently feature among the fragrance notes that last the longest. Particularly if they're present in the base of a perfume. This is because the oils tend to evaporate at a slower rate than those with a fruity or floral base, meaning they're noticeable for longer.

Why does Sauvage smell so good? ›

Its notes of Bergamot, cedar, and lavender are what make it the well-known perfume it is today. There's Ambroxan in it as well, so it feels like it has a weight and woodiness to it. Overall, it's a fresh, spicy sort of scent you won't get enough of. The EDT is also widely enjoyed by men and women alike.

How long does 1 million cologne last? ›

Nowadays, it will last somewhere in the 8 hour range. Still not bad, but it doesn't seem to touch those vintage bottle highs. Seasonally, this Paco Rabanne is best for the colder parts of the year. In the heat, it can get really messy, really fast.

Is Creed Aventus fresh or sweet? ›

Structurally it is not an unusual fragrance – the top notes are fresh and citrussy (bergamot, blackcurrant, apple and pineapple), whilst the rest is floral, aromatic and warm (jasmine, rose, patchouli, amber etc.)

Has Creed Aventus changed? ›

That new entry in Creed's fragrance canon is the new Aventus Cologne. Rather than reinventing the wheel and risking losing some of the magic of the original, the Cologne is instead an evolution of the Aventus core.

How much is Creed in Dubai? ›

AED 1138.50 AED 1214.90 (Inc.

Only 1 left!

Why does Creed cost so much? ›

Creed cologne is so expensive because it has been using the rarest ingredients for centuries to create unique and exotic scents. Their perfumes and glass bottles are all handmade, and they uphold strict manufacturing standards to ensure premium quality.

Is Creed a luxury perfume? ›

The House of Creed is an authentic, luxury perfume house dedicated to the creation of highly original, artisan fragrances for men and women, made from the finest perfume ingredients the world has to offer.

Does Creed Aventus expire? ›

What is the shelf life of Creed fragrances? The shelf life of our artisanal fragrances begins with the first spray once the scent has been introduced to air, allowing for a 3-5 year shelf-life as long as they are stored properly.

What scent does Drake use? ›

Drake's favorite cologne is Drakkar Noir, a scent his father introduced to him. When he's not sporting those colognes, he wears Clive Christian L or Baccarat Rouge 540 by Maison Francis Kurkdjian. If you're looking for Drake's favorite fragrance, you've found it.

What is the king of colognes? ›

Creed Aventus: The King of Fragrance and The Aventus Clones.

How many times should a guy spray cologne? ›

Don't overdo it. Two to three quick sprays on each pulse point are fine. Nobody around you wants an extra shot of your cologne with their morning coffee.

Should you spray cologne and walk into it? ›

Don't spray the cologne into the air and walk through it. Target pulse points, such as your inner wrists and neck. Hold the bottle 3-6 inches away from your skin when spraying. Don't use too much (2-4 squirts are ideal).

How do you make Creed cologne last longer? ›

10 Cologne Hacks for Men – How to Make Fragrances Last Longer
  1. Check the Concentration Level.
  2. Apply Right After You Shower.
  3. Moisturize Your Skin.
  4. Harmonize Cologne with Other Scents.
  5. Apply On Pulse Points.
  6. Don't Rub Your Skin.
  7. Discreetly Reapply When Necessary.
  8. Line Your Clothes Drawer with Cologne.
27 Aug 2020

How many times should I spray perfume a day? ›

Perfume is not created based on the amount of evaporation throughout the day. It is best to reapply your scent every 3 - 4 hours if you want to keep it all day.

Should I spray cologne before bed? ›

Yes, you can absolutely wear perfume to bed! Some of us have a signature scent that we adore and want to smell like it all the time. Others find certain scents bring about a sense of relaxation or pleasure. Whatever your reason and choice, perfumes are great for sleep, relaxation and well-being.

How many sprays for Bleu de Chanel? ›

How Many Sprays of Bleu de Chanel is Enough? 3 to 5 sprays on your pulse points will be more than enough to get the best of Bleu De Chanel. It has a great concentration and several sprays will make you smell delightful all day.

Should you rub your wrists after cologne? ›

Dab, Don't Rub

You should avoid spritzing and rubbing for two reasons. First, rubbing your wrists together can dull top notes (or the scents you smell in the first five minutes of applying perfume). Secondly, it mixes the perfume vigorously with your natural oils, which can change the way it smells.

Why should you not rub in cologne? ›

Don't Rub—Just Spray

The friction created by rubbing, he continues, “heats up the skin, which produces natural enzymes that change the course of the scent.” Most impacted are the top and middle notes, along with the dry-down, or the last and longest period of your fragrance's unfolding.

Should you rub cologne with your wrists? ›

A pulse point is an area on your body where your heart pulse can be felt. These are the best spots to apply scent, due to the warmth of your blood. The points are located behind your ear, at the bottom of your throat, on your wrist, inside your elbow, and behind your knee.

Why can no one smell my perfume? ›

Olfactory adaptation

The fact that we no longer smell our perfume is part of a physiological process of olfaction. With our own scent, the stimulation of our olfactory sensors is permanent. This is also the case with the smell of our home, or a perfume that we wear very often.

What happens if you spray too much perfume? ›

slurred speech. lethargy or lack of energy. breath that smells of alcohol. nausea or vomiting.

How do you know if you spray too much perfume? ›

To test whether you're heavy handed with your favourite fragrance, spray it on as you normally would. Wait for five seconds and then dab a tissue on the spot. If the tissue sticks, it's a sure sign you've gone overboard.

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