DIY Pipe Toilet Paper Holder | Parts List For a Pipe Bathroom Fixture (2023)

I am so super excited to bring this DIY pipe toilet paper holder post to you guys! (I feel like I say that a lot.)

But this time I mean it the mostest.

And that’s because this DIY pipe toilet paper holder post has been MONTHS in the making.

Yeah months! I haven’t been working on this one specific DIY pipe toilet paper holder post the whole time but on a whole slew of things… like other pipe bathroom fixture posts!

In this post you’ll find all the info, directions and best of all the links to the exact parts you need to make a DIY pipe toilet paper holder yourself (and maybe it’ll spark your interest in making a pipe bathroom fixture that you design all on your own!) And if you don’t feel like doing it after you read this… then head over to one of my favorite Etsy shops and purchase one pre-made with love, happiness and unicorn sweat!

Below you’ll find my exact steps I took to make a DIY pipe toilet paper holder — I’m not keeping it a secret! Just purchase the parts you need and follow all the steps below!

And before I go any further I must make the rudely interrupted announcement that you’ve probably heard on all the other blogs you read (FYI, this chick is one of my favs and so is this chick if you’re looking for other cool chicks like me… ::curtsy::) that if you click on a link within this blog you can probably bet your ass that I’m making a small commission, with no increase in cost to you of course. But that’s how us bloggers make a living! I give you great authentic NOT SPONSORED content (except this one hilarious post) with all the details and in return I make a little money for helping you with a DIY project? I’m in! WIN WIN.

(Video) How to Make Iron Pipe Bathroom Hardware

If you follow these instructions and do the optional extras I mention, you’ll have a beautiful, durable and long lasting diy pipe toilet paper holder – just like if you bought it from this Etsy shop! And you absolutely do not have to make ablack pipe toilet paper holder – the link I reference below has 30 colors to choose from!!

I’d like to put a WARNING at the top of these directions and tell you right off the bat that the threads on the pipes are sharp. Whenever I’m handling the threads I always put a towel between my hand and the pipe because it is incredibly easy to slit your fingers on the threads without even realizing it until you look down a few hours later and have all these tiny cuts all of your fingers! True story.

While I like this design, I do find it a little tight to get the toilet paper roll on and off, but it works!!

First, Degrease The Pipe Parts

When I made a DIY pipe toilet paper holder I first degreased every single piece of pipe. This can be a really messy process and no matter how hard I try I get it all over my hands. Gloves would probably help but I never remember to put them on.

Make sure to really clean the parts because any grease left behind won’t allow the primer to adhere and might cause chips or peeling paint down the road.

I use my most favoritest cleaner in the entire universe, Thieves Cleaner. It’s a plant based, non-toxic cleaner that works part time as a miracle worker. Full disclosure: I am a Young Living Distributor and if you purchase from my link I make a commission [Here’s the link to my Young Living Website.] BUT even if I weren’t a distributor now (I didn’t sign up as distributor with YL at first) I’d still be telling you that it’s the cleaner you need in your life. Not just for the chemical free aspect, for the aspect that is actually freaking works!

Second, Sand/Scuff/Deburr The Pipe Parts

While cleaning the parts you’ll probably realize that some of the pipes aren’t exactly smooth and some pipes may even have “burrs” on them which need to sanded off to ensure a smooth finish that won’t tear the toilet paper or tiny child hands.

(Video) MAN CRAFTS | Iron Pipe Toilet Paper Holder | Ep. 02

I use a coarse grit sanding spongebecause I’m kind of obsessed with sanding sponges but 100-120 grit sandpaper would work well also to remove any burrs on the pipes.

Then I use steel wool to clean/scuff the surface further and get it looking a little shiny.

Third, Put the Pipe Toilet Paper Holder Together

  • First attach the 3″ nipple to the floor flange.
  • Then attach a 90 degree elbow.
  • Next attach the 5″ nipple to the 90 degree elbow.
  • Then attach another 90 degree elbow to the other end of the 5″ nipple.
  • Lasty, put the cap on the 90 degree eblow!
    • Make sure to leave the cap a little loose because this needs to be removed in order to take the toilet paper roll on and off!
  • **IF you want to go the extra mile like I do, I also use thread lockeron all the parts that don’t need to move (in the case of the pipe toilet paper holder you’d use it on every step except on the last step of putting the cap on the 90 degree elbow… you need to be able to remove the cap!

At this point your DIY pipe toilet paper should look like this:DIY Pipe Toilet Paper Holder | Parts List For a Pipe Bathroom Fixture (1)

Fourth, Prime & Paint the Pipe Bathroom Fixture Parts

I usually do two coats of primer and two to three coats of paint.

I put all the parts together first and then painted.

I do not suggest putting the pipe toilet paper holder on newspaper because it very easily sticks to it and pulls up little pieces of paper that get stuck to the pipe and then you have to sand the piece and start over… go ahead, ask me how I know.

So prime & paint the piece on cardboard or better yet do what I do… I screw 3″ drywall screws(or deck screws or whatever) onto a scrap 2×4 and then hang it from the screw. Just make sure to balance the piece of wood if you don’t secure it!

I use a flat black spray paint that is meant for metal and that also has a rust inhibitor for even more rust protection. It’s a flat black and leaves this beautiful matte finish that I love! But feel free to spray paint them ANY COLOR you want (the link to the black spray paint also has over 30 colors to choose from!! All ready to paint metal!) Make sure your paint is meant for metal and I highly suggest one with a rust inhibitor.

(Video) DIY Scrap Wood Toilet Paper Holder! #BUILDATHOME

DIY Pipe Toilet Paper Holder | Parts List For a Pipe Bathroom Fixture (2)

Fifth, Use a Topcoat For Extra Super Duper Durability

Now that you have a black pipe toilet paper holder (or whatever color you chose) you’re ready to put yet another layer of paint on!!

Truthfully, I don’t think the piece really needs to have a top coat but I do it because I’m a crazy person when it comes to detail and I won’t stand for chips in my beautiful pieces of usable art!

So after everything is dry, use a clear matte spray paint meant for metal. One coat should be plenty good.

Whew… after all that spray painting you’re finally done!!! You now have a beautiful DIY pipe toilet paper holder to install! Stay tuned for the instructions on how to install the diy pipe toilet paper holder in a future post!

  • Gloves – [Get them here]I highly recommend a thick pair of gloves for screwing the parts together. Not only does it help with grip but it also prevents tiny cuts from the threads of the pipes!
  • Coarse Sanding Block [Get it here]
  • Primer Spray Paint For Metal [Get it here]
  • Steel Wool [Get it here]
  • Flat Black Spray Paint for Metal [Get it hereEven if you’re not doing a black pipe toilet paper holder… there are 30 colors to choose from]
  • Flat Clear Spray Paint for Metal [Get it here]
  • Thread Locker [Get it here]
  • Drywall Screws 3″ [Get them here]

Do you wish someone had already put these in a wish list for your so you could just add everything to your cart? WELL I DID! Check out this link to an Amazon public list I created which already has EVERYTHING you need already on it! Say whatttttt.

As far as the list of pipe toilet parts, I’ve always found them a lot cheaper on Amazon than at any of the big box stores.

(Video) 5 Bathroom Life Hacks with PVC Pipe

As of the time of publishing this post, these were the cheapest links I could find for the DIY pipe toilet paper holder parts list. (Thank you Honey!!)

DIY Black Pipe Toilet Paper Holder Parts List

Like I did above, I’ve already created a shopping list on Amazon which you can find here!

So there you have it!! That is my tutorial on how to make a DIY pipe toilet paper holder with supplies list, parts list and detailed instructions! What do you think? Am I missing anything? What else do you want me to write about? Let me know in the comments! Is there a specific pipe bathroom fixture that you want to see a tutorial on?

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