Cheap Flights from London Stansted to Málaga from £17 | (STN - AGP) - KAYAK (2023)

The plane was late in so we were late leaving. The plane had been cleaned and was tidy, the staff were welcoming. Our standard seat had good legroom but after an hour or so of sitting, the Seat started to feel uncomfortable. We didn’t have any food so can’t comment on that and there was no entertainment available. We did buy some duty-free goods and the prices are good. We made up the lost time and landed slightly early.

Nice seats with matching colour coded seat belts to make it easy to identify the correct two parts.

The flight was first class the experience on landing in Edinburgh was not Crammed into a bus and held on tarmac for 15 minutes followed by just under 1 hour to clear passport control Only one flight at that time Disappointing!!!

Smooth process, great in flight crew you wouldn’t want to travel more than 3.5 hrs with them as the seats are slightly hard

Pros: "Crew was attentive"

Cons: "The seats are awfully tight and no padding The plane was delayed for almost 3 hours while we were on it because of some air conditioning issue"

Pros: "Crew were good, no issues. Flight was prompt and easy."

Cons: "A few too many announcements and promotions for buying stuff on board."

Pros: "Comfortable flight"

Cons: "Alanya airport puts you through security 3 times. If they want to do this at the gate including hand searching they need to employ more staff to speed up the process. Food and drink at the airport is expensive"

Cons: "Food options are very bad & there are no TVs on the plane but otherwise this was an excellent flight & a seamless holiday transfer from the moment that we arrived."

Pros: "Nice plane and well trained crew, will fly them again, without any doubt"

Cons: "Missed the need to add luggage to both inward and outbound journey, that got excessively charged on the way back. Have never had to select luggage allowances both ways, clearly we want to bring our luggage back! + why should it cost twice as much to add to the hold when paying at the airport, rip of"

Cons: "Excellent legroom, unlike flight out with American Airlines. I was just unlucky in choice of seat"

Pros: "Early departure and early arrival. Everyone was very friendly."

Cons: "We had to wait for staff to come and check in baggage."

Pros: "Crew was amazing"

Cons: "Waiting area before boarding was really hot, if you can’t afford air conditioning then maybe electric fans!!"

Cons: "British Airways did not correctly issue ticket to American Airlines and we have to wait another day before departure. Resulted in my loss of monies on various reservations"

Pros: "We were downgraded from our Business class tickets to Economy Plus because the flight was overbooked. The journey and services were poor. This is for a business class passengers who paid full fair."

Cons: "All problems mentioned above needs to be fixed. We are not flying BA again. We are done with you"

Cons: "We actually did not go directly to Marseille, but due to a delay, we missed our initial connection and had to take a flight from London to Frankfurt and then from Frankfurt to Marseille. The total trip was 24 hours long and exhausting."

Pros: "Very comfortable seats and the crew was in good spirits"

Pros: "Flight was on time. Crew were professional and courteous. Seats were fairly comfortable ( though one was broken)."

Cons: "Could have been a bit more room - was slightly squashed. Disappointed to have to pay for tea. Porridge from M&S on flight was horrible."

Pros: "Boarding was efficient. Flight took off on time and landed ahead of schedule. Exactly right for a short no frills flight."

Cons: "N/a"

Pros: "Crew very pleasant, professional and friendly."

Cons: "Tired and dated cabin; seats extremely uncomfortable causing severe back pain. In flight entertainment very old fashioned with small low resolution screens."

Cons: "5 hour of delay!!!! For the second time in the same flight"

Cons: "Seats are really small and stick together, super uncomfortable for more than 2h"

Cons: "Boarding was slow. They had us stand for thirty minutes in a hot jetway. They charged for all the food and beverages. No entertainment."

Pros: "On time departure, professional crew and comfortable seat for flight duration."

Cons: "30 min delay on arrival due to stand occupied by another easyJet aircraft."

Pros: "Don’t sit in Window seat 40A. Smallest on the plane."

Pros: "Worried that the flight wouldn’t make it due to the weather, but except for a little delay everything was very good!"

Pros: "Am very upset with how I got treated"

Cons: "Paid GBP 26.99 to be able to take with me my carry-on that was refused by a groundstaff standing outside and informing me she determined what would happen. Bad bad experience and paying GBP 26,99 for nothing is a real shame"

Pros: "Very efficient and smooth security and check in process"

Cons: "Speedy boarding seemed a waste of money as bussed to plane and kept on parked bus for 10 minutes. It became quite uncomfortable"

Pros: "the ticket assistance was helpful afterwards and seemed to by sympathetic to our plight."

Cons: "We arrived early to airport but it took almost an hour to go through check in..We arrived early to airport but it took almost an hour to go through check in... we did not account for the long security which held us up.. it would have been nice if they would have called us out over the intercom and if need be held up flight as we were running from security to the boarding area. Afterwards the guy at the desk was not helpful at all and told us to leave the airport and then go back to the ticket booth.. if they could have made a call that would have been nice."

Pros: "Overall Easyjet is an ok airline, I will continue to fly with them, however, small things like paying extra for speedy boarding and then not having a separate line is a real disappointment. Given the option I would pay a the extra to fly with a better airline, however, being from Northern Ireland we are limited to what we can have."

Pros: "Nothing!!!"

Cons: "Loud men in lifeguard uniforms were allowed to blow whistles, yell, run around, and make everyone miserable by attendants. When I commented she said ,"oh well, that's the kind of flight it is,". junior high school lunchroom Nightmare!!"

Cons: "Plane was late as most Ryanair flights in the afternoon are expected to be."

Cons: "Missed the flight due to the delay. Had to buy ticket to get to Barcelona."

Cons: "Lack of comunicoation and lack of services. Probably it was a bit cheaper than the competitors. But I made me think twice for next time Ryanair cross my way."

Cons: "My flight was missed from Stanstead to Dublin and RyanAir employees did not help me, they only wanted to sell me another expensive ticket."

Pros: "Nothing."

Cons: "The joke has always been Ryanair sucks and I should avoid at all cost flying with this airline. I dismissed the feedback I received and I decided to book a weekend trip to London from Frankfurt. I should have listed and known better. To start, I did not receive a boarding pass after checking in. I was advised to go to the Ryanair clerk upon arriving at the airport. I explained to the clerk the situation; told her I did not have a boarding pass to print and was advised to see her. There were no issues and she printed my boarding pass without any fee. On the way back to Frankfurt, this is where things go from bad to worse. On our way to the airport in London, we get notice the flight has been cancelled. We didn't know what to do so I went on chat with a Ryanair rep and was told the flight would depart and there were no issues getting to Frankfurt International. I wasn't convinced, but I had no option. When I arrived at the airport in London I did exactly what I did in Frankfurt. I checked in with the clerk and explained to her the exact same thing I explained to the clerk in Frankfurt. The clerk started to yell at me. Tell me I couldn't be getting on the flight since I didn't have a boarding pass. She continued to yell at me after many attempts trying to explain to her the facts. The brushed me off to customer service and said she couldn't help me. Awful customer service!! As I walked away from the counter she yelled at me, "What do you expect this is Ryanair. It's an awful airline!". After standing at the customer service line for another 30 minutes. I tried to explain to the clerk at the customer service counter my situation and she did not want to reason. She demand I pay 15 GBP if I wanted to get on my flight. I didn't have an option, and I didn't agree with this decision. I paid the 15 GBP. After checking in at security and getting to our gate we quickly learned the flight would be rerouted to Frankfurt Hahn and then we would be bussed to Frankfurt International. After over an hour commute to Frankfurt International, we did not get home until 02:00h!! This is completely unacceptable and I will NEVER - NEVER fly Ryanair. Ryanair is the WORSE airlines!!!"

Cons: "My connection at Stansted was very tight. Faced with long lines which could have mennt me missing my flight, I was five no option it to upgrade my ticket. Flight was also 20 minutes late."

Pros: "Crew when asked was very helpful and polite. They were definitely working the entire flight to assist people."

Cons: "Crew took about the entire flight to handle the food and drinks, coming from both ends. This caused a block to the bathrooms and people waiting long periods and finally just stuffing in all over the place to get passed the carts. Expensive flight for us since we had to buy the same day. While most of the security attendants were great, I did have to wait a very long time to get a pat down I requested rather than go through the scanner (required to be in a separate room) that was 95% the same as the one they were giving everyone after they came through the scanner, with the only difference being a hand and belt line swipe and paperwork. I have had this same procedure done in three airports prior on this trip and all were more aggressive/thorough and did not require a separate room and extreme wait. Though again, all the female staff were great."

Pros: "The air crew were excellent"

Cons: "Communications around boarding and gates was chaotic and our take off was delayed for over an hour. Staff were rude and unhelpful. They seemed confused themselves and found it difficult to communicate anything helpful to passengers"

Cons: "They took my cabin luggage to the cargo even though it is the right size due to no more space in over head compartment and I believe if they where strict about the size with the All Pax and only allowed one price each in the hand the compartments would have been sufficient. You need to make sure to ask pax to be at check in desk 2 hrs before dept during peak periods due to security takes longer time make the story short I was happy with the above all standards Abdullah Benafif."

4 hr delay and only told less than 2hrs before. Only given water and nuts on the flight as complimentary service. Left to wait in rain before boarding.

To be honest I did not like anything. Communication to why my flight was cancelled mid air 2 and half hours into my flight. Customer service desk were not helpful with providing information or a solution on what can be done.

I have been treated unacceptably by WizzAir aircraft crew in a previous flight, they threatened me and abused me, and I received an OFFICIAL written apology, but only two (2) months later. This flight had no such unacceptable behaviour, but it's not nice to be left waiting in the walkway (from gate to aircraft) for a long time, just so that the 'boarding' appears to be early, even if actual departure is not.

What I liked new airplane Sitting was extremely uncomfortable! Crew not smiley at all Always chewing gum

The flight was cancelled just 4 hours before the take off...

No food on board. Not comfortable. Had to move seats was delayed more than 3 hours.

Pros: "The food and beverage selection as always. The seat was quite pleasant as well."

Cons: "Crew forgot to serve me when doing meal service. I got up and food but found it interesting that 2 flight attendants walked right by me without saying anything. The flight was late departing and arriving."

Pros: "I appreciate having updates about the flight mid flight."

Cons: "Better management of certain unruly passengers causing a scene by taking seats which were not for them because they can’t be bothered to book two seats together during the booking process and try and take a short cut when it comes to getting on the plane."

Pros: "The food was amazing as usual. The crew's service was great!"

Pros: "We were able to bring our normal size backpacks as personal items even though they were certainly larger than the tiny personal item size limit."

Cons: "We had a terrible experience with getting checked in online and adding a checked bag. Numerous issues getting in touch with the company and the call centre staff was rude and unhelpful. The website is glitchy. The fee for bringing checked luggage was very high. We won't use this airline again."

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