Best Keto Recipes of 2018 (2024)

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Well here they are! The Top 10 Keto Recipes of 2018!

I love retrospectives. I love looking back on the best keto recipes of the year. It’s great fun to sift through my analytics and discover what recipes people were most drawn to, which ones went viral and which ones fell flat.

It’s like a box of chocolates: you never know what you’re going to get.

Creating keto recipes is truly a joy for me. I wish I could accurately describe the feeling I get when I create a recipe I know people will love. Or when I manage to overhaul an old high carb classic so that the keto version is just as good, and often better, than the original.

It’s the best natural high in the world! And I will fully admit that I am addicted to it. Yes, I am addicted to creating keto recipes. There, I said it. And I am not the least bit ashamed.

What makes The Best Keto Recipes?

What makes one recipe more popular than another? I have to be honest, after almost 9 years of blogging and creating low carb recipes, I am not really sure I know why one will go crazy viral and another will meet with less enthusiasm. Some of it is timing, some of it is up to the strange and unknowable algorithms of Google and Facebook. And some of it is just plain luck.

But here are a few things that go into creating really good keto recipes:

  1. A good keto recipe fills a need. Those of us following a ketogenic diet don’t have the luxury of grabbing convenience foods at the local grocery store. So some of the most popular recipes are those that recreate the old favourites we used to love, like bread, pizza, and bagels.
  2. Keto recipe bloggers should be creative and original, while also being mindful of the basics that people really want and need. This is a lesson I’ve had to learn, as I tend toward being overly creative, rather than offering some of the more basic recipes. It’s an issue I am working on! And some of my “basics” are now my most popular recipes.
  3. Good keto recipes shouldn’t have too many specialized ingredients. That’s a tall order at times, since we often can’t use what is readily available at most stores. But keto diets are such a hot trend right now that more and more of our ingredients are becoming accessible to everyone. I try to be mindful of what people can get and to offer substitutes when special ingredients are involved.
  4. Truly keto recipes should be very low carb and relatively high fat. But those should be healthy fats, not processed ones – think natural fats like animal fats and minimally processed plant oils. Butter, ghee, coconut oil, avocado oil, and bacon grease are my favorites for cooking and baking.
  5. Keto recipes should be only about 8g or less TOTAL carbs. Don’t be fooled by net carb counts. While the net carb count idea has validity, it’s been muddied by companies, brands, and some recipe developers adding in fiber simply to reduce the count.

Those are my requirements for recipe development. And now, without further ado, here are the best keto recipes of 2018!

Top Ten Keto Recipes of the Year

Keto Italian Cream Cake

Magic Mozzarella Dough

The Ultimate Keto Brownies

Chewy Keto Ginger Cookies

Tagalong Bars

Chewy Keto Bagels

Keto New York Cheesecake

Sugar Free Caramel Sauce

Cheesy Zucchini Casserole

Keto Caramel Cake

Top Keto Recipes from Food Blogger Friends

Keto Bacon Cheeseburger Soup

Low Carb Beef Stroganoff Casserole

Cauliflower Pizza

Bacon Cheeseburger Casserole

Sausage and Cabbage Skillet

Keto 7 Layer Dip

Keto Mug Bread

Spinach Stuffed Chicken

For more great keto recipes, check out The Everyday Ketogenic Kitchen!

Best Keto Recipes of 2018 (21)

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  1. Sim @ Sim's Life says

    Some wonderful Keto recipes! I really need to break my creature of habit nature and try more recipes to add a new perspective to the diet. I love being on it and how it makes me feel, but new recipes could spice it up! Off to check out the Keto Caramel Cake now! Sim x


  2. jordan says

    Those brownies are BOMB!


    • Carolyn says

      So glad you like them!


  3. KELLY says



  4. Debbie Archibald says

    Thank you for all your hard work creating keto recipes. I have been keto for over 2 years now. Whenever one of my friends starts this WOE they call me for help. I always give them your website. I tell them this WOE is not cheap or easy. There is prep work but, I have never made a bad recipe from you. Happy New Year to you and your beautiful family! Looking forward to your future recipes!


    • Carolyn says

      Thank you so much, Debbie!


  5. Emily says

    This got me thinking how much I would love to have a “Not So Easy Keto Desserts” cookbook by you, lol


  6. Kalyn Denny says

    Very fun seeing your top recipes, and thanks for the shout-out too! Happy New Year Carolyn!


  7. Michelle Marcotte says

    I’m looking forward to trying them. I made several of your holiday dessert recipes and except for cracking on my too-thick and hard chocolate layer of the Nanaimo bars, all were happy. Here is an idea for you: I made your pecan shortbread but substituted browned butter that I chilled before making the cookies. I could then reduce the swerve considerably because browned butter is quite sweet tasting and caramel flavored. I wanted to reduce the seerve because lately I have been tasting it too much, and my daughter who is expecting didn’t want to eat too much of the sugar alcohol. So, my suggestion for you is trying to use browned butter more often.! I also turned your pecan toffee bars into butter tart bars by using walnuts, adding raisins (yes I know, they have sugar and would not suit everyone), added an egg to your toffee mixture and poured it over the nuts and raisins before baking. They were very good. Thank you for your efforts. From one recipe developer (Home Economist), to another, I am amazed at your work!


  8. vicki dutcher says

    Thanks for these Top 10. Your recipes are so easy to make, and I love the “every day” ingredients already in my pantry. Thanks for sharing all your fabulous recipes.


Best Keto Recipes of 2018 (2024)
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