Best Gluten Free Jalebi Recipe - TastyTruce - Tasty Truce (2024)

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Hello friends, do you want to eat delicious Jalebi but can’t eat it because of gluten? You will enjoy watching today’s recipe. Because today we have to make Gluten-Free Jalebi Recipe. This Gluten-Free Jalebi will be tasty as well as healthy. We don’t want to use gluten in Jalebi. If you want to make more gluten-free recipes, then definitely check out Tasty Truce. If you want your favorite gluten-free recipe, then do comment and share it with your friends.

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Gluten-Free Jalebi Recipe

To make gluten-free jalebi healthy as well as delicious, special steps have to be followed.

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Gluten Free Jalebi Recipe

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Prep Time15 minCook Time9 minTotal Time24 mins

Ingredients for Gluten Free Jalebi Recipe

For Jalebi Batter

Instructions for Gluten Free Jalebi Recipe

  1. Chashni for Gluten Free Jalebi
    • Take a small pan, add 1.5 cups of granulated sugar, 3/4 cup of water, 3-4 half crushed green cardamoms/ elaichi, and a few strands of kesar.
    • keep it on a medium flame, stir at regular intervals, till the sugar is fully dissolved.
    • It will take about 7-10mins for the complete sugar to be dissolved, wait for the froth to disappear, so the syrup looks clean. Then, put 2-3 drops of lemon juice, stir and switch off the gas.
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  2. Batter for Gluten Free Jalebi
    • Now, lets take a medium sized bowl, add 3/4 cup of GF All Purpose Flour, 4 tbsps of cornflour, a little more than 1/8 tsp of Baking soda. Mix them well.
    • Add 3/4 cup of water, which should be at room temperature; 5 tbsps of curd, again should be at room temperature. Use orange food colour, I am using Wilton ‘Orange’ gel food colour. Add a few drops of the food colour and start whisking the batter to combine.
    • The batter should be of flowing consistency. Right now, it is pretty thick, so will need to add slightly more water. Do not be tempted to add 1 cup straight away instead of 3/4 cup meantioned before, as all flours absorb liquid differently, so start with less and then add enough to get this kind of flowing consistency.
    • Now, cover and keep this for 10-15mins.
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  3. Fry the Gluten free Jalebi
    • in the meantime, heat some ghee or oil in a kadhai or a pan on a low flame.
    • After 15mins, transfer the batter into a piping bag like this one.
    • Once the bag is full with the batter, press it tight at the back, so all the batter comes at the tip of the bag. Then cut the tip depending on how thick you prefer the jalebis to be. I like them very thin, so i cut it really small.
    • Before starting to pipe the jalebis, test the temperature of the ghee by piping a smal drop of the batter. If the drop rises up immediately, without getting burnt, the temperature is perfect for frying the jalebis.
    • Start piping the jalebis, by pressing the piping bag from the top, so it pushes the batter out of the piping bag. Then make 4-5 small concentric circles, and finish piping the jalebi by drawing the dripping batter towards the inside, i.e., the first smallest circle, to clip the circles together.
    • Depending on how big your pan is, you can pipe more jalebis at the same time.
    • Wait for the jalebis to rise up and become a bit crispy before turning them . Once both the sides have become crunchy…this you can feel by knocking it slightly by the tong or spoon you are using. Take them out and immediately put them in the sugar syrup. Soak both the sides on the syrup just for a few seconds, then drip off the excess syrup and transfer it to the serving tray.
    • Repeat for the remaining batter.
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Best Gluten Free Jalebi Recipe - TastyTruce - Tasty Truce (2024)
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