10 Animals With The Most Ferocious Bite Force (2023)

10 Animals With The Most Ferocious Bite Force (1)

Before we start our list, lets start off with a base measurement that puts everything into perspective. The average human bite force measures in at 160 pounds per square inch. While a human can bite though smaller bones, such as those from a chicken, its highly unlikely to be able to generate enough force to chomp through anything of substantial size. Plus human teeth will chip and shatter if too much pressure is applied. Now onto the list….


10 Animals With The Most Ferocious Bite Force (2)

Pitbulls have the unfortunate reputation for being angry and aggressive dogs that kill and maim little dogs and babies. While we can argue all day whether that reputation is deserved, what we can all agree upon is that their bite is no joke! A pitbull’s bite force measures in at 300 pounds per square inch and are capable of causing extensive tissue damage and possibly breaking smaller bones. While the pitbulls bite force should not to be taken lightly, there is another dog in the list that makes the pitbull bite force pale in comparison.


10 Animals With The Most Ferocious Bite Force (3)

While you might think they king of the jungle with its razor sharp teeth would have a devastating bite force, it is far from being the strongest. A lion’s bite force measures in at 650 pounds per square inch. One possible explanation for why a lion’s bite force is not as substantial as other big cats is that lion’s hunt in groups. A deadly bite is not necessary when you have 10 other lions piling on top of an unlucky prey. Don’t being mistaken though, one chomp from a lion is a really bad day for anything unfortunate enough to fall into its grasp.


10 Animals With The Most Ferocious Bite Force (4)

Kangals have the most powerful bite force of all dogs. They were bred in Turkey to defend against coyotes and other animals attempting to attack the flock. With their huge frame, massive teeth and a bite force of 700 pounds per square inch, they are definitely equipped for the task. A kangla’s bite force is more than twice that of a pitbull and the next dog that comes close to their bites are bull mastiffs, who clock in at 552pounds per square inch.


10 Animals With The Most Ferocious Bite Force (5)

Tigers are solitary animals that live and hunt alone. Unlike lions, who team up on prey, tigers are ambush predators who have evolved to take down prey alone. Their agility, stealth and powerful jaws which have a bite force of 1050 pounds per square inch have made them perfect assassins of the jungle. They are also the only terrestrial predators who are actively hunt huge predators by themselves and have been known to drag large prey up to a mile before feeding.

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Spotted Hyena

10 Animals With The Most Ferocious Bite Force (6)

The hyena’s bite is no laughing matter! They have freakishly powerful jaws that have evolved over time to crush and grind down bone. When a hyena kills, it devours everything, except for hooves and horns. Their powerful bites rip through prey with forces up to 1,100 pounds per square inch, almost double that of a lion’s! Coupled with their intelligence and aggressiveness, they are absolute killing machines.

Grizzly Bear

10 Animals With The Most Ferocious Bite Force (7)

If there is one animal that you don’t want to see out in the woods while camping, it is definitely the Grizzly bear. Grizzly bears stand 7 feet tall, weigh up to 600 pounds, have knives for claws, are capable of running 35mph and can deliver a staggering 1,200 pounds per square inch. They have all the tools necessary to absolutely obliterate you. Not something you want to think about when you’re camping in the great outdoors.


10 Animals With The Most Ferocious Bite Force (8)

A gorilla closest relative are humans and while we share 98.3% of their genetic code, they definitely got the lion’s share of size and strength. Not only are gorillas extremely strong (as much as 10x the strength of an average human), their jaws are absurdly powerful too. Their bite force measures in at 1,300 pounds per square inch, which is enough force to crush a bowling ball to pieces!


10 Animals With The Most Ferocious Bite Force (9)

A jaguar has the strongest bite of all cat species. The bite force measure in at an astounding 2000 pounds per square inch, which is double that of a tiger and three times that of a lion’s! When jaguars hunt they deliver a swift and fatal bite straight through the skull of it’s prey. They are capable of piercing the armor-like skin of a caiman, which it regularly preys upon. They don’t discriminate when it comes to food and regularly eat javelina, deer, bighorn sheep, birds, turtles and the list goes on. More than 100 hundreds species have been recorded in their diet.


10 Animals With The Most Ferocious Bite Force (10)

Unbeknownst to many, the hippopotamus is the one the world’s most dangerous animal. It is estimated that hippos kill approximately 500 people each year in Africa. They can weigh up to 4000lbs and are highly aggressive animals. When hippos feels threaten, it opens its mouth 180 degree wide, like its yawning, and that’s a sure sign that you should get as far away as possible. Disregard this warning and you will feel the full force of 2000 pounds per square inch breaking you in half! Not only that, they will slash you with their tusk and swing their enormous head at you like a bulldozer. Maintain your distance!

Saltwater Crocodile

10 Animals With The Most Ferocious Bite Force (11)

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Crocodiles have the strongest bite of any living animal. Their bite force measures in at 3700 pounds per square inch, which is enough force to bite through steel! They have been around for 200 million years. That’s 200 millions years of evolution fine-tuning this incredible species for survival. When a crocodiles jaw latches onto its prey, its game over. It would take something less than a miracle for it anything to escape.

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10 Animals With The Most Ferocious Bite Force (16)

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    • 10 Animals With The Most Ferocious Bite Force (18)Damon Richardson says

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      I thought I was the only one who hated hyenas I love when the male lions kill them and I love hearing them scream.


  1. 10 Animals With The Most Ferocious Bite Force (19)Bill says

    The picture you have posted is an American Bully, not a pitbull.


  2. 10 Animals With The Most Ferocious Bite Force (20)leo says

    how can you say a lions bite force only measures around 650psi which is not true,A fully grown lion can muster up to 1000psi, which is not a big difference than a tigers bite which deliver up to 1050psi,the lion that was tested was actually a younger lion

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  3. 10 Animals With The Most Ferocious Bite Force (21)Dave Larson says

    This article left out one of the most dangerous contenders on the planet. Gray Squirrels have a bite force of 7000 PSI. They can split a walnut with that much force and can easily snip your finger bone in half. How do I know? I own the largest squirrel care website on the internet and have done the research.


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Which animal has most powerful bite force? ›

And the strongest known bite force of the entire animal kingdom is…. The Crocodile -- specifically, the Saltwater Crocodile (the highest recorded “live” bite of 3700 PSI) and the Nile Crocodile (estimated 4000-5000 PSI)!

What is the bite force of a human? ›

The average strength of a human bite is 162 pounds per square inch (PSI), but this pales in comparison to nature's champion chompers. The bite force of an animal is largely dependent on jaw muscles, as well as jawbone and surface area of the teeth, but it also depends on the size of their lunch.

How strong is human bite? ›

Human bites are exactly what they sound like, though they are a little more dangerous than you might think. Compared with other mammals (like dogs, bears and big cats), humans don't have the strongest bite, at 162 lbs per square inch. However, if the skin is broken, tendons and joints may be damaged.

What's the strongest animal in the world? ›


In brute strength, elephants are the strongest mammals and the strongest land animals.

Is human bite force stronger than lion? ›

At first blush, a lion's bite—which has been measured at a force of upwards of 650 pounds/square inch (psi)—might seem extremely powerful; after all, the average adult human bites with a force of about 150 psi, and anyone who's ever been on the wrong end of an angry toddler (and his or her considerably weaker jaws) ...

Who has the stronger bite force lion or tiger? ›

Tiger (1,050 psi)

They are the largest big cat, and with a bite force of around 1,050 psi, they bite almost twice as hard as lions do. Perhaps that's why lions hunt in packs to take down their prey, while tigers are perfectly content — and efficient — flying solo. No teamwork needed, not with jaws like that.

Which mammal has the strongest bite? ›

Hippopotamus (1,800 psi)

Of all living mammals, hippos have the strongest bite. They use their huge canines and incisors to fend off would-be predators of their young and fight with one another.

How strong is a wolf bite? ›

Adult gray wolves have an impressive set of teeth, and their jaws are incred- ibly strong. A human's bite force is only about 120 pounds per square inch, and a large domestic dog's is about 320 pounds per square inch—but the bite force of a wolf is almost 400 pounds of pressure per square inch!

What was the bite force of T Rex? ›

Compare that to the bite force of an adult T. rex — about 35,000 newtons — or to the puny biting power of humans: 300 newtons.

Why does my BF like to bite me? ›

According to a research conducted psychological scientists of Yale University, the desire to pseudo-bite or squeeze anything we find excruciatingly cute is actually a neurochemical reaction. As per the researchers, it is basically our brain's way of preventing us from getting too overwhelmed and distracted.

What is the strongest bite on earth? ›

The "winners"—saltwater crocodiles—slammed their jaws shut with 3,700 pounds per square inch (psi), or 16,460 newtons, of bite force. By contrast, you might tear into a steak with 150 to 200 psi (890 newtons). Hyenas, lions, and tigers generate around 1,000 psi (4,450 newtons).

What to do if a child bites you? ›

The first thing to do for any biting injury is to wash the area with soap and water. Even little teeth can break the skin. If the bite is bleeding and the wound appears to be deep, call your child's doctor. The bite may need medical treatment, which could include antibiotics or a tetanus shot, or both.

What is the most painful animal bite? ›

Black widow. Bite is one of the most painful in nature. Envenomation from one can cause latrodectism, or constant strong muscle contractions that seem never-ending. Stingray.

What has the deadliest bite? ›

Key Points
  • The saltwater crocodile has the strongest bite of any animal, with a force of 3,700 PSI, making it one of the deadliest animals in the world. ...
  • The Nile crocodile and American Alligator also have very powerful bites, 3,000 PSI and 2,980 PSI respectively.
30 Oct 2022

What animal has the 2nd strongest bite? ›

Alligators possess the second strongest bites in the world with a force of 2,125 PSI.

Whose bite is stronger lion or tiger? ›

Tiger (1,050 psi)

They are the largest big cat, and with a bite force of around 1,050 psi, they bite almost twice as hard as lions do. Perhaps that's why lions hunt in packs to take down their prey, while tigers are perfectly content — and efficient — flying solo.


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